Non-Chinese Speaking Students Chinese Learning Support Scheme


1. To support students in their adaptation to Hong Kong’s Chinese curriculum, and to bridge the gap between their current level and the mainstream lessons.

2. To increase students’ vocabulary count, to increase their reading and writing levels.

3. To build an inclusive school environment and help students integrate into society.


Content of the scheme

1. Setting up Non-Chinese Speaking Chinese Learning Class for the students
2. Setting up After-school Homework Remedial Class for the students
3. Setting up diversified interest classes for the students
4. Hosting educational talks for parents
5. Hiring a teaching assistant to aid Non-Chinese Speaking students in lesson learning in class
6. Hosting Inclusive Activities to familiarize students with Chinese Culture.
7. Reading Stories FUN FUN FUN


1.   Support to parents and students
2.   Learning Chinese is Fun (愉快學中文) This material was compiled according to the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum 2006 and documents on non-Chinese speaking students learning Chinese,  for non-Chinese kindergarten students and newly-arrived children learning Chinese. Parents could use this as teaching aids for students, helping them to integrate into society.
3.  HK Chinese Learning (香港小學習字表) The program was designed according to the guidelines of Lexical Lists for Chinese Learning in Hong Kong to help students learn the correct stroke order of Chinese words.